Seeing God as He Really Is

“What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us,” wrote A. W. Tozer. Could that be true? We think it very well may be. For if your view of God is distorted severely enough, it could ruin your spiritual health, your relationships, your decision making—even your whole life. And on the other hand, if your view of God is correct, then you know Who you are dealing with in the spiritual realm and can learn how to relate to Him properly.

This is why we believe that, if you want to make yourself ready for God’s best in marriage, you not only need a biblical worldview (as we discussed in the last blog); you also need what we might call a biblical “Godview.” You need to know who God really is. Without a true perspective on God, you could never have a true perspective on yourself and your love life desires.

So, what is an accurate view of God? [Read more…]

Does God Care About Me?

Many single people we know think that they haven’t found a soul mate yet because God doesn’t care about them. They may even think He is punishing them for something they did wrong in the past. [Read more…]