Find God’s Soul Mate for You!

Want to discover God’s best for you?

Are you looking for that special someone? Does God have a perfect match already planned for you? If so, how can you find God’s ideal mate for you? (read more)

Dealing with Disappointment

How did you picture the future when you were six, 10 or 14 years old? It’s a good bet that that picture looks very little like your life today. As we mature and our talents and interests grow and change, we realize that many of our former goals and desires have moved to the background or out of the picture altogether. It’s easy to look back and laugh at how unrealistic or even silly some of them were.

But when it comes to a dream of marriage, you may be not laughing.  (read more)


More than Just Personality and Interests

Compatibility: a hot topic today! Google the word and you’ll find results related to everything from zodiac and horoscopes (is your sign compatible with the person you are dating?), to technology (as in IBM or specific application compatibility), temperaments (take a test like Myers-Briggs!), or love and romance capability indicators (there’s an inventory for everything!). It’s enough to make your head spin-–and make a confusing subject even more confusing!

When it comes to relationships, compatibility is a key component. But as Christians seriously desiring a relationship that will go the distance, in what areas of the relationship is compatibility a major factor? Does God really care if I am compatible with my mate? And how compatible is compatible enough?  (read more)

Relationship Idolatry

As Christians, the deep hole of loneliness we may feel within while we are single is God-shaped, not ring-shaped, and can only be filled by Him, not a spouse.  (read more)


Enhancing or Imploding Your Relationship?

Chemistry … Have you experienced it?  That “zing” in a dating relationship that you can’t quite explain, but that is very real!  Romantic chemistry.  It’s an actual thing.  Something you can feel. (read more)

To Love Again

Is it worth the risk?

Have you recently met someone who you think could be your soul mate? Are you hesitant to move forward because you fear disappointment or rejection? (read more)

Marriage or Celibacy?

Does God have a custom-designed mate for you?

Do you ever wonder if God wants you to get married? Maybe He wants you to remain single. Is it possible to know for sure what God’s will is for you? (read more)