Movie Illustrations

Don’t let your fantasies get in the way of the real thing.The following movies illustrate helpful principles for those seeking their soul mate.

Why not kick back and watch one of these films while thinking about the corresponding statement? Ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom regarding your situation through insights stimulated by these modern day parables.

Note that we are not endorsing the movies on this list. Some may contain content that you will find objectionable. Please go to the Parents Guide  (View content advisory) link on the Internet Movie Database page to see why it received its rating. Then decide if you want to watch it.

Let us know if you have a movie you’d like to recommend and what truth it illustrates.

» The Ultimate Gift

God wants to develop you so you are ready for the ideal mate.
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» Serendipity

It is our sovereign God who directs us to our true soul mates.
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» The Perfect Man

You will miss God’s ideal mate if you settle for just anyone.
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» While You Were Sleeping

Great relationships are built on inner qualities not superficial characteristics.
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» You’ve Got Mail

Chemistry isn’t always instantaneous.
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