Be Empowered by the Spirit

Are you empowered by the Holy Spirit?You will only experience the quality relationships that God desires when you depend on Him to reproduce His virtues within you. God wants you to love unconditionally, live peacefully and sacrifice selflessly. Imagine how much people would enjoy being with you if Christ’s character qualities were reflected through you. Not only is that possible, but God expects it!

God has designed you for “supernatural living,” which is dependent on Him for wisdom, power, and resources available only through the filling of the Holy Spirit.

You can only live the Christian life successfully by depending on the Holy Spirit to transform you. At the very moment when you asked Jesus Christ to come into your life, the Almighty God of the Universe took up residence within you through His indwelling Spirit. Living your life in the power of the Holy Spirit is an exciting adventure and will change how you behave with others.
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Experiencing the Spirit’s Power

God has made His power available to us through the Holy Spirit. The key question is: Do you want to be a channel for God’s supernatural power so that you may fulfill the life mission that He has for you? Discover four principles that will help you understand and experience God’s supernatural power. (read more)

The Spirit-filled Life

We exist to serve and honor God with our lives. God gives us His power so we are able to accomplish His purposes. The Holy Spirit fills us and gives us spiritual gifts and spiritual authority to accomplish fruitful service for God. (read more)

How You Can Be Filled with the Holy Spirit

Many Christians simply don’t know to appropriate God’s power for living the Christian life. . . (read more)