Get Your Soul Prescription

Need to change destructive habits?Are the choices you make destroying the relationships that you want?

Do you have an undesirable attitude or ungodly behavior that causes problems with others? Is a destructive habit  jeopardizing your future?

Denial and shifting blame only prolong the symptoms and make matters worse. God wants you to accept responsibility for your wrongdoing
(read the article Dealing with Behavior Problems).

Breaking the Cycle

God wants to help you change. He desires to transform your character so you are able to enjoy the wonderful things He has planned for you (read the article The Secret to Lasting Health).

Perhaps you have already tried all kinds of things to change with little to show for it. Maybe you have lost hope and have given up. But all is not lost. Victory really is possible.

God loves you and doesn’t want you to suffer the harm you bring on yourself through disobedience. He eagerly helps those who want to follow Him.

With the help of the Holy Spirit, you can, once and for all, be rid of your attitude / behavior problem that has been hurting your relationship with God and others.

Are you willing to cooperate with the Holy Spirit?

In order to overcome behavior problems, we first need to know that God understands our predicament. He must! The Bible He gave us is so realistic about the human condition. A part of us wants to do what is right, but then, all too often, we go ahead and do what we know is wrong anyway.

Turn away from your debilitating habits and embrace Holy Spirit–empowered virtues.

The Soul Prescription Process

With the Holy Spirit’s help, this five-step process will help you experience the freedom from sin’s power that God desires for you:

  1. Adopt a correct view of God (read article).
  2. Revise your false beliefs (read article).
  3. Repent of your sin (read article).
  4. Defend against spiritual attacks (read article).
  5. Flee temptation (read article).

What Is Your Sin Problem?

(read the article Your Sin Diagnosis)

  • Pride?
  • Fear?
  • Anger?
  • Overindulgence?
  • Dissatisfaction?
  • Immorality?
  • Deceit?
  • Divisiveness?
  • Rebellion?
  • Irresponsibility?

Prayerfully read the above articles and ask the Holy Spirit to transform you as your mind is renewed with God’s truth and principles for living a victorious Christian life.