The Key to a Great Marriage

Don’t just seek the Spirit’s influence in your own life; also look for a mate who is living in that same influence.

You already know that Christians are not supposed to marry unbelievers (2 Corinthians 6:14-15). But that’s just a minimal standard.

You might have an okay marriage if that was the only standard you held potential mates up to. But you don’t want an okay marriage; you want a great marriage—God’s best. And for that, you need to find someone to marry who, like you, is walking in the Spirit.

It’s a compatibility issue. If one of you is walking closely with the Spirit and one is not, you’re going to experience all kinds of conflicts. But if the Holy Spirit is speaking to each of your spirits, His message will be the same. You’ll still have differences, and you may need to compromise and adjust from time to time, but you’ll tend to have unity on essential beliefs and decisions. The Spirit will be leading you both down the same road—the road to God’s highest will for your lives.