Changing Your Mind?

Dating, courtship, and marriage can be confusing matters, can’t they? Wouldn’t it be great to know that the decisions you are making in these areas are based on real truth? That the perspective you hold onto is grounded in reality?

But what, in today’s world, can be a relied upon as source of truth? Friends? Family? The media? History? The Internet? [Read more…]

Are You on the Right Path to Receive God’s Best?

Did you ever do a pencil maze as a child? If so, you remember using your pencil to trace a line from an entry point to (you hoped!) the goal at the center of the maze. But if you traced your line down the wrong part of the maze, you wound up at a dead end and had to go back and start over again, maybe only to come up against yet another dead end. Frustrating, wasn’t it?

We want to help you avoid the same kind of wasted effort in your pursuit of a godly marriage. We want to make sure you’re on the right path to start with. You see, before you can meaningfully ask the question of whether you’re ready to receive God’s best in marriage, you have to determine if you are even a candidate for God’s best in the first place. Let us suggest five tests you can give yourself to find out.

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What Does It Mean to Be the Right Person?

That’s the key, isn’t it? If we’re saying that being ready to meet the right person depends on being the right person, what does that really consist of? Here’s our definition: Being the right person means living out God’s purpose for your life.

This is where being a follower of Christ is so radically different from being an unbeliever. The world says, “Be your own man (or woman). Live life your way. Decide what you want and go for it.” Is that what God wants from us? [Read more…]

Dealing with Disappointment

Dealing with DisappointmentHow did you picture the future when you were six, 10 or 14 years old?  It’s a good bet that that picture looks very little like your life today.   As we mature and our talents and interests grow and change, we realize that many of our former goals and desires have moved to the background or out of the picture altogether.  It’s easy to look back and laugh at how unrealistic or even silly some of them were.

But when it comes to a dream of marriage, you may be not laughing.   [Read more…]

Compatibility—More than just personality and interests

Is Compatibility Important?Compatibility:  a hot topic today! Google the word and you’ll find results related to everything from zodiac and horoscopes (is your sign compatible with the person you are dating?), to technology (as in IBM or specific application compatibility), temperaments (take a test like Myers-Briggs!), or love and romance capability indicators (there’s an inventory for everything!). It’s enough to make your head spin-–and make a confusing subject even more confusing!

When it comes to relationships, compatibility is a key component. But as Christians seriously desiring a relationship that will go the distance, in what areas of the relationship is compatibility a major factor? Does God really care if I am compatible with my mate? And how compatible is compatible enough? [Read more…]

Chemistry–Enhancing or Imploding Your Relationship?

Chemistry--Do you feel it?

Chemistry … it’s talked about a lot … on the college campus, in the workplace, and amongst acquaintances, family, and friends. We’re not referring here to the chemistry of science that is controlled and measured, but to romantic chemistry which is rarely controlled or measured! Have you experienced it? That “zing” in a dating relationship that you can’t quite explain, but that is very real! Romantic chemistry. It’s an actual thing. Something you can feel. [Read more…]

Relationship Idolatry

Are you more devoted to God than to your desire for a soul mate?

What does the word “idol” mean to you? A certain reality show featuring aspiring singers? Aspirations to achieve the status of a favorite athlete, actress or writer? Exotic trinkets that supposedly bring either good or “taboo” to their bearers, depending on the whims of the “god” or “gods” they represent?

For Christians and non-Christians alike, it’s easy to restrict the perception of an “idol” to a blatant act of sin, such as the one found in Exodus 32. True, we may not hoist an actual golden calf aloft in worship before the God of the universe. In 2011, the sin of idolatry tends to be far more insidious, creeping bit by bit into our lives and replacing our relationship with Christ with a worldly “Savior.” As Christians, what should we guard ourselves against when it comes to “modern day” idols? What do they even look like?

For single believers in particular, the idol can be something that, in and of itself, is holy and ordained by God himself: The desire for marriage and a soul mate. Of course, there is nothing wrong with seeking a godly spouse to love, honor and cherish until death do you part. Nor is there anything inherently sinful about picturing a dream wedding, or the (seemingly) perfect spouse to take home at the end of that celebratory night. None of these things are a sin in and of themselves, of course; a marriage that honors Christ is both holy and good. After all, God himself stated in Genesis that is “not good” for man to be alone, and created Eve. But at what point do we cross the line and become engaged (pardon the pun) in the all-consuming sin of idolatry?

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Marriage or Celibacy?

Does God have a custom-designed mate for you?

Does God have someone special for you?

Do you ever wonder if God wants you to get married? Maybe He wants you to remain single. Is it possible to know for sure what Godʼs will is for you?

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Resolutions for a New Year

God has a wonderful future for you! Are you willing to cooperate with Him?What changes do you desire?

What does this next year have in store for you? What changes does God have planned? Perhaps this is the year He will lead you to your ideal soul mate?

Have you considered what crucial things God may still want to accomplish in your life so you are ready for that special relationship? Are you willing to cooperate with Him?

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To Love Again

God will protect you, as you follow Him.Is it worth the risk?

Have you recently met someone who you think could be your soul mate?

If so, you may have mixed feelings right now. There is an excitement that comes from wondering if that person is the special soul mate God has for you. But there’s also the fear of letting your hopes and emotions go too far — thinking you may be setting yourself up for disappointment or rejection.

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