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The Next Step: Following Wherever God Leads You

I was camping once as a boy and—all by myself—had to get from a lodge to the cabin where my family was staying.

It was a foggy night and pitch dark in the woods far from civilization. My only light came from my flashlight.

I vividly recall picking my way down the path. In the falling mist, my flashlight illuminated only a few feet ahead of me at a time. I would watch my feet and try to keep from moving off the narrow dirt trail into the brush on either side.

A couple of times I had to choose a fork when the trail split, but thankfully each time my flashlight revealed a trail sign indicating the way I should go. It took a while, and it was sure scary for a boy of eight or nine, but by paying attention to what was ahead of me at each step, I finally made it to the cabin. How welcome the glow from the window seemed!

This is the way it is in our life with God. He doesn’t show us everything at once. He doesn’t give us a map laying out everything in His plan for our lives.

No. He leads us bit by bit, and we have to follow one step at a time.

It can be scary. It may not be how we’d like to do it. But that’s why we need to trust.

His Word is the “light for my path” (Psalm 119:105).