Soul Mate "Oneness" Quiz

God desires oneness in marriage. The physical union is symbolic of the oneness God desires in marriage in the various dimensions that make up human beings. God wants married couples to grow into greater oneness with each other while simultaneously growing in oneness with Him. Does this person have that potential?

Spiritual Oneness:

Are you devoted to God with theological compatibility pertaining to worship and service?

Mental Oneness:

Do you share the same perspective, convictions and beliefs about life?

Emotional Oneness:

Do you share the same passions in life that motivate you to action?

Volitional Oneness:

Are you committed to the same life purpose and goals?

Physical Oneness:

Do you desire to bond sexually with each other in marriage?

Are you compatible in these critical areas so that you have a good foundation upon which you can develop greater oneness in marriage?

Once married, it will be much more challenging to develop the oneness that God desires if you don’t begin your relationship with relatively the same views and priorities in each of these vital areas.