Soul Mate Compatible Qualities Quiz

Ask yourself the following questions and try to be as objective as possible in your evaluation. Refer to the “Are You Compatible?” pages if you need more explanation before answering a question. Remember the objective is to determine whether the two of you are on the same or opposite ends of the spectrum in each of these categories.

External Qualities for Soul Mate Compatibility:

Personality —

Do you both have similar personality traits?

imaginative        |__¡__¡__¡__¡__|__|__¡__¡__¡__¡__| conventional
spontaneous     |__¡__¡__¡__¡__|__|__¡__¡__¡__¡__| structured
out-going            |__¡__¡__¡__¡__|__|__¡__¡__¡__¡__| reserved
cooperative        |__¡__¡__¡__¡__|__|__¡__¡__¡__¡__| skeptical
reactive               |__¡__¡__¡__¡__|__|__¡__¡__¡__¡__| calm

Appearance —

Do you find each other attractive?

Interests —

Do you have similar interests and enjoy similar activities?

Reputation —

Are you comfortable with each other’s successes and failures in life?

Internal Qualities for Soul Mate Compatibility:

Spiritual Maturity —

Do you both have a strong commitment and devotion to God?

Purpose —

Are you heading in the same direction in life?

Expectations —

Do you have the same expectations for life together?

Character —

Do you both have integrity and perseverance to work through life’s difficulties?

Intelligence —

Are you well matched in your reasoning and communication abilities?

Attachments —

Are you fully supportive of each other’s ongoing commitments?

Life experiences —

Are your backgrounds compatible or complementary?